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Our story…Innovation rooted in tradition

Our first batch of Shiitake-Ya™ Mushroom Burgers was created in our kitchen for our kids. As a typical on-the-go busy Southern Californian family we had concern with what our kids were eating. Our multicultural family (Asian and Caucasian) added to the challenge. It was the catalyst for cross-cultural creativity. Our three generation shiitake business has been providing gourmet shiitake for many families throughout Asia and North America. Incorporating gourmet shiitake and our love for American cuisine was forthcoming – hence, the shiitake burger.


Production History

In 1999, Shiitake-Ya™ manufactured its first ever shiitake burger series.

In 2000, Shiitake-Ya™ introduced its dried shiitakes on the market.

In 2001, Shiitake-Ya™ initiated its shiitake spring rolls product line.

In 2003, Shiitake-Ya™ successfully marketed its dried porcini

In 2004, Shiitake-Ya™ brought you the new package of sliced shiitake